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SAP DS connections should allow us to choose an existing DS datastore and connection profile

Today DSP creates the DS Datastore and a default profile for use.  This is a pain to deal with when a client gives us connections (Datastores) in the DS Repo but doesn't convey the username and password.  Also, in DS it is common to have profiles on a connection to point to Dev, QA, Prod, etc.  DSP should be able to gracefully consume the existing connections in the DS Repo and make use of them and their profiles.


  • Jake Cohen
  • Sep 25 2018
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    Jon Green commented
    22 Nov 11:53

    It looks like this can be split into 2 requirements.

    • Ability to register a DS repository in Common and import the already defined datastores in the DS repository as additional datasources in the DSP automatically.
    • Ability to work with datastore configurations / system configurations in SAP DS so as to choose the specific connection details.

    Can you confirm these requirements?